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Few tips for get better results in examination

There are 5 aspects aspirants should focus on to improve their performance in the Preliminary exam

1. Strategic Revision
The last few days must be dedicated to rereading and revising the notes (or material) prepared for the exam. The parts of the syllabus that are revised, and those that require further reading, should be clearly demarcated.
2. Pre-Exam Mindset
Group revisions often make some students more confident and others tentative about their chances in the exam. So, pick the study pattern according to your preference; and avoid changing your study patterns abruptly without good reason.
3. During-Exam Strategy
a) Number of rounds to solve the paper: Usually, based on their speed of solving, candidates get to know how many rounds they require to finish the paper.
b) Notations: Make ready notations that can be used to mark on the paper the actions taken.
c) Attention to detail: Often questions look difficult simply because the information therein is presented in a subtle and confusing manner.
d) Marking on OMR sheet: Often, students make avoidable errors when filling the OMR by marking the correct choice on the question paper but marking a different one on the sheet.
4. Visualization
Simulation of the actual exam might be a difficult thing to do, but periodic 5-minute sessions of 'mental rehearsal' of the exam can have profound effects on the day.
5. Motivation and Confidence
It is true that the syllabus is vast and the variables that can affect outcomes are myriad. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that every year, many deserving candidates, from diverse backgrounds, get the rank they had aimed for!

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    Bobby Aktar
    June 03, 2019

    Thamk you.These tips are very useful.And it actually worked for me so well.

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      Humayun Ahmed
      June 03, 2019

      There Many other Tips for Clearing examinations with good ranking which is Group Discussion.

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